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Jackie Bienemann

I am sure I could not pick a favorite Glitter Girl Adventure. I love everything she does and always come away with some new idea. Wishing her a wonderful time off to spend with baby.



What we ALL want to know is HOW is Glitter Girl? Where is Glitter Girl? and how is the Boy? and the Bebe??? Surely someone will make an announcement so we can all share the good news.

Lorraine R

Interesting that according to this the top five are all within the first 10 episodes????? Hoping all is well with her as she steps into glitter mummyhood!

Cathy L.

Personally, I love ALL things Glitter Girl!


I watch and re-watch Glitter Girl episodes, and learn something every time I do. So happy for her and The Adhesive Avenger - and looking forward to hearing about the arrival of the Pop Dot! All the best to you all, if you're reading this Shimelle!

Nancy Jo

Love re-watching Glitter Girl episodes! Lately I have been working my way through again from the beginning. "Kit me up" might be my favorite. It really helped me scrap with patterned papers.

Jamie Hensley

I love all the Glitter Girl episodes, but a few of my favorites are:

#98--Journal Gestures
#82--3/4 Thought of Day
#59--Cut-Out Card Conundrum


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