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So excited for another year of great inspiration from everyone at twopeas ! Looks like a fantastic line-up !


yeah I can't wait to see your videos!!!! I love love your video!!
thank you very much for doing this!!!
from a french girl

jane allen

Jumping up & down with anticipation! !!

Ty 2peas

Sherry C

Sounds amazing! Thank you for the hard work and energy it takes to create fabulous inspiration for us! Looking forward to a wonderful year with Two Peas!

Bethany Hardy

It looks wonderful! Thank you so much for being so generous and inspiring me each week. I do not take it for granted that you spend so much time, money and talent to make us happy. It is going to be a great year!

Vera Yates

This sounds amazing. Really looking forward to this.


What a full schedule. Thank you for putting this together and sharing with us each week. Your videos are one of my daily highlights. I pocket scrapbook rather than traditional but I still love to see the creativity and inspiration and who knows perhaps one day I will bite the bullet and give 12x12 a go.



This sounds very interesting! Should make for a fun and inspired 2014! Thank you!


Sounds interesting! I like the overall concept and look forward to seeing the projects and videos they inspire!


Love it!! Sound like there is something for everyone! :) Evie


I am excited for the new video ideas! Thank you for all that you do for us, twopeas!

Mary Jo

Looking forward to it!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is wonderful news! Looking forward to a very inspirational year! Two Peas is THE BEST!!!


how refreshing! can't wait to see what 2peas and the garden girls will share this year.


The 6 videos/week line up last year will be hard to beat.

Angie challis

2014 looking good can't wait thank you

Kelly O

I like the idea of our focus as a jumping off point. Can't wait to see how it plays out in the content of the weekly videos. Thanks for all of your hard work!

jeanne kouyeas

Wow, I love this approach and how you've broken each month into these categories. I really can't wait to see all that's iin store for 2014. You all are the best for inspiration and motivation, as well as supplies!

Kim Thomas

I can't wait to see what you have planned for us. You are my inspiration! Thank you twopeas!


Not to sound ungrateful but does this mean no more Saturday project life vids? One of my favorite things in 2013 was getting up early on a Sunday morning, making a pot of tea and settling in to watch the PL vid before the house woke up. I don't traditional scrap or card make so does this mean there will only be one vid a month for me?

Sandra F

Thank you so much for the amazing content and professionalism you have here at Two Peas. I am so grateful for the wonderful work you do.
As for 2014...
Let's start! I'm ready!


This sounds perfect for a new to project life-r like I am! I am "stuck" already with not enough photos per week--ohmygosh --and it's onlu January!! LOL I guess I'll have to get snapping!! Thanks, Julierose

Michelle K

Sure its different and might take some getting used to, but I LOVE the idea of a monthly theme, to be demonstrated/reinforced through different methods weekly. NEAT NEAT NEAT IDEA!!! Also very excited about Jen Gallacher's weekly video series. THANK YOU for all of the obvious thought and effort that went into planning 2014...can't wait to get started!!

Jennifer Streff

I can't tell you how much I learn from the amazing video's y'all do, I love, and look forward to them!!! I'm excited about the new videos!!

Linda Rae

I am glad you are doing more videos and classes. Always look forward to the wonderful group of women you include. Thanks for all the hard work organizing and brain storming.

Tammy M

I am so excited for all the new videos and inspiration!

Jeannine H

So excited for all this! Simply a fabulous concept for 2014. I am getting ready to learn and create with 2 Peas! As an aside, i adore that GG will be continuing, even if she takes a break in the spring!


Congratulations on your 15th year Two Peas! May you be blessed with many, many , many more years in the business! With the closures of LSS everywhere, and more recently, Archivers, it makes my heart ache for the past years gone by when the scrapbook world was younger and growing so fast. The one constant is you guys, Two Peas, and my wish is for you to remain The Constant, no matter the numerous changes around us.

Thank you for keeping this community alive and for helping keep the stories and memories alive through our common love for Scrapbooking :)

It's going to be a fabulous year!

Debbie Piercey

Sounds great! Can't wait to get started!


Wow! Sounds great to me!!!!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Little Nat

What a great line up! I'm looking forward to this journey into why we scrapbook and great news that Glitter Girl will continue and more Jen G - yay!

cindy b

freakin' AWESOME!!

Lisa-Jane Johnson

Looking forward to it all! Just responded to an editor on Twitter about why I scrapbook, specifically in relation to overcoming stress and depression etc and it reminded me just how important it is in my life.


Im looking forward to these series and all the inspiration in 2014. Back to basics yet fresh and exciting! New techniques and ideas while keeping the focus on what really matters. Awesome!


Thank you Matt for your help on the phone today. Thank you for the email and the very clear explanation of the events of 2014. I have so enjoyed the 213 in 2013 and look forward to seeing new videos. This is THERAPY for me. 2 Peas in a Bucket is AWESOME! Thank you for your website and time... it is so much appreciated.


I'm glad your doing videos again this year but in this line up I'm really missing the PL videos, the five under five and what the peanut ordered.
Those where my faves. Loved looking at the new products and the PL inspiration pages. So I'll really miss them.

Bye Irene

Carol Argyle

Am looking forward to watching your videos again this year but as I'm a Pocket page scrapbooker am going to miss all the inspiration I gleaned from the weekly PL videos. They really helped me to keep going. It was also my Sunday morning me time to sit with my cuppa and watch Saturdays PL video. Was my favourite along with Glitter Girl.

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