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I am so sad to see that these ladies are not returning for 2014! I loved their videos and layouts and I only hope that there is something just as awesome to replace these ladies, because honestly I am severely disappointed! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Rose Moore

I will miss these ladies. I have enjoyed each and everyone of their layouts and videos. I want to wish each of them a happy new year in 2014 in whatever they plan for their future.

Debbie Piercey

Wow, to see all of them and their work featured here , it really is quite a loss! I know the new team will be just as awesome, but these ladies will truly be missed!!!! Best of luck ladies!

Sherry C

Sorry to see these talented ladies leaving, I've truly enjoyed their videos and inspiration!

Jen Gallacher

This just makes me all kind of sad. I love each of these girls so much. I wish them ALL the best in their future endeavors. They've inspired me, been my friend, and I could not love the more. Hugs to you all!!

Nita K.

I will miss the ladies on the team. They provided such inspiration. Best wishes to all of them in the future!


oh i'm super sad too!! my three favorites for the project life videos won't be there. super sad. :-(


so many of my favorite Garden Girls! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and videos, you will be missed!

Janetta Zeimetz

I am sorry to see Jamie Sorenson go! She will be greatly missed!

Charissa M

Will miss all of these ladies! <3

Ashley Horton

Lots of talented Ladies, whose work will be missed!! And Jamie has already definitely been missed!

Melissa Vining

I'll miss the work of all these ladies here, they've all been such an inspiration!


So sad to see such talented people leave. Several of my favourite designers are here. The videos just won't be the same.


It's really sad that most of my favourite designers are leaving :( I really enjoyed the past year with them and all the inspiration they provided!

Katheryn Thames

What a group of fantastic women that have truly taught me so very much about scrapping and paper crafting. I will miss each of them so very much!

Andrea Kuenzel

Wow, I think the strongest members of the team are leaving. So sad.


Wow - sort of stunned to see so many talented people leave!!! I wish all of these ladies the best in whatever they do next! They will be missed here (Jamie already is)!! Thanks to all for sharing their wonderful work while they were with Two Peas!!


So sorry to see them go. Best of luck with your future endeavours. Can't wait to see what's in store from two peas.


Oh my heart, I literally want to cry, Marcy's videos were my absolute favorites and I cannot believe she is on the list to go :'( I will miss all of these garden girls very very much, I've never been so sad in the scrappy world...


Ouch. I'm totally bummed.


WOW!! That's a huge announcement. Such a loss to lose these talented ladies, among them are some of my favorites who always have such unique and creative ideas to share. I was always so excited to jump online once babe was in bed to check out their layouts/videos.
I will miss their inspiration immensely!

Linda Auclair

Thank you GG's for all the inspiration you have provided - you will definitely be missed!

Jeannine H

Just want to say a big THANKS to all for everything you have brought to us, the Two Peas fans. All the best to everyone in your new endeavours!


i find goodbyes to be very traumatizing so this post makes me SO SAD! love all of these talented ladies. thank you so much for all the inspiration and eye candy that you've shared with us.


Oh no! Three project lifers are leaving. And Michelle De Leon whose style I love. So sad right now.

Monica Blain

So sad to see all these ladies leave. Lots of changes in 2014 :(


Although I do not watch videos and scan the gallery as religiously as some folks do, I will still miss seeing the work of the above Garden Girls. Thank you for what you've shared and taught. Enjoy whatever next endeavor awaits.

Kim Thomas

I'm so sad to see them go! They are some of the most talented women in the industry. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Take care everyone!

Creating Di

Well each of you will be missed, what a line up of talent - Shannon I have been watching and been inspired by your work since I started scrapbooking 12 years ago and someone told me I should check out 2 peas.

Thank you Corrie, Elizabeth, Marcy, Janna, Julie, Lexi, Lilith, Melissa and Michelle for all your work, creativity and sharing - I look forward to seeing you in other places.


Wow! So many familiar faces! It is sad. You will all be missed! We are so lucky to have this place so full of talent and inspiration. Thanks for all the work you have shared. I hope we can follow you in the future as I have with so many other talented women who have moved on to other things. Best of luck to you all!

A special not to Jamie. It was a pleasure having you here, keeping us up to date and helping us with our problems. Planning events, and just being you! Best of luck!!


Oh no it's all my favorites :(


This is sad - these are some of my favorite Garden Girls! Wishing you all much success and happiness in whatever 2014 brings for you!


Thanks for sharing all your work with us... I enjoyed those by Janna, Lilith, Elizabeth and Corrie tremendously.. and Jamie, I looked forward to the weekly 5 under 5 segment... will miss that very much.... best wishes to all for the new year! God Bless!

Michelle K

THANK YOU GARDEN GIRLS!! Sorry to see so many of you go, I enjoyed seeing your work, learning your techniques and sharing your inspiration. I hope you will all still be active on blogs, Youtube etc. To Jamie - we STILL Miss you! You were a cheery addition to my week. HUGS to all of you!!

Maria Bush

So sad , but wish them all well.

Fleur Smith

So sad to see such amazing people leave but excited to see what 2014 has in store.


Oh no! I loved your video`s girls, can`t believe you are leaving :(

Lorraine R

Wow that is a huge line up of very talented ladies leaving. Very sad to see some of them go in particular. They have been very inspiring, and challenging to help me grow and change in this craft! They will be missed, but I wish them all the very best for whatever 2014 brings to them. By the way does this mean no PL videos this year - it seems to be that whole team? I'm not a PLer, but I have still learnt a lot from them.


Such sad news. I'm going to miss them all so much. Loved the videos and layouts and amazing talent!

Anne F

I'm so sad to see some of these Garden Girls go, particularly Shannon Tidwell. I love her bright and sassy style. All of the design team members will be sorely missed. They are a talented bunch of ladies. Happy to see some familiar and new faces for 2014. Looking forward to what the new year has in store for 2peas. Thanks! sassiescrapper

Lyne B

So sad to see these ladies go, but I will miss Janna the most - she was my favorite to watch.

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