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Michelle K

Lovely layout and such an interesting idea! I love the idea of a year in review type page...I've never heard of an Infographic before. Thanks for such a great idea!!

Jessica Navarro

Lovely page! I so want to do this. How did you print on 12x12 paper? Do you have a 12x12 printer? If so, what brand and do you like it? LOVE LOVE LOVE this.


I love this idea. So cool to do YIR using infographics.

Stacia Brandt

Very cute idea! I love your color choices for this layout!


I love this layout!

Stacey W

I really enjoyed this video! The infographics are amazing, and the layout is so busy, yet not cluttered. The parts I enjoyed most were: 1. Your presentation was so organized, and 2. You described your choices/options so well. These things are so helpful to learn and apply to my own projects. Thank you!

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