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Wonderful post--I am embarking on my 1st Project Life for 2014 at age 70!! Words will play a really important part of this retirement year of our lives....looking forward to more insights...hugs, Julierose


Thanks for reminding us once again, and so beautifully and concretely, of the power of words.


I with you the best for 2014

Karen W

What a beautiful post, one I will come back to again and again as I look to improve my journaling for my first full year of Project Life in 2014. Thank you.


Beautifully put Jill. Thank you! :) Evie

Cynthia B.

Jill has such a way with words! I love the Lego story. :)

Mary Jo

I absolutely love that you highlighted your journaling here! You are so inspirational and my favorite GG at 2ps :)

Tina F

Such beautiful and insightful journaling. Thank you, Jill, for inspiring me to put my heart into the words on my pages.


YOU are good with your words! I bet your albums tell a lot about you. I need to be more mindful of my words!

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