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This is a wonderful post! Thanks so much for all the great tips. I'd never thought of using wood or wood looking materials or adding a layer of white for the light to bounce off of.

Margie Visnick

This is a great post! Thanks for the tips!


Jen! This is so helpful! Just what I needed. These tips are simple yet I know they'll make a big difference. Thanks for sharing.

Kate Blue

great pointers even for those of us who don't own anything but a point & shoot or that don't own any photo editing software :) am gonna practice tomorrow with the white boards (we have plenty of those around the house) and see what happens!

Nita K.

One of the most useful posts ever. Thanks!


Thank you so much for this little tutorial. So helpful, I'm definitey going to get some white beadboard and poster board!!


very helpful, i know my photos can be sub par. tagboard is on my shopping list!


Loved this! Thanks for helping a crafter out.

Laurie C

Jen thanks so much for sharing this. I was just thinking that I would love a tutorial on how to make my blog posts look better and voila! Thanks again. :)


I know I already commented but I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for this post. I actually had two extra pieces of plywood in the perfect size that I painted gloss white so this was a "freebie" for me. I placed my boards and took new pictures of ALL my layouts in my gallery. I swear the difference is incredible. I should have left the old pictures up just to show the difference but yes, they are crisp, true to color, perfect. Thank you again!


Awesome, thanks!!

Kim Thomas

Thank you so much for this informative article Jenn. You are amazing. Take care. :)

Tegan Skwiat

This is FABULOUS! I have been pulling my hair out lately about my project photos~ Thanks for all the great info!


Thanks for great tutorial! It might helped to newby :)
Could you please give me advice about photo gallery I could use to store and share link in blogger. i tried photobucket and picassa but they make my photos from photoshop ugly

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