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These sound fantastic! Thanks for keeping the classes coming in 2013!

Diana Fisher

Congrats ladies!!!


OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glitter Girl will be with us!!!!
Great free classes!!!!
Anna-Maria Wolniak!!!

I just can't believe it!!!

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now THAT is a kick ass team!!! Fantastic range of talent- congrats to the new member-it's a very exiting team indeed.


Congrats to the new ladies!!!


OMG, these all sound wonderfully inspiring and motivating. Thank you all for the time you invest in our creativity. Happy 2013!

Samantha Landay

AMAZING!!! I love every bit of this!


Wow! I am SO excited for all your awesome new stuff this year! I can't wait, and CONGRATS to the new design Team members!!!!

Kathy Kane Weihman

I am soooo excited! I love them all! Thanks so much!


so excited for these! yay 2012 =)

Margie Visnick

Ohmygosh!! What a great announcement!! And I love, love, love the new Garden Girls too!


Woohoo! 2013 is going to be a great year for scrappin'!


wow congrats to all of you~shout out to Corrie, Lisa and Elizabeth

Shelly Bailey

I am so excited! Thank you for continuing to inspire us! Happy New Year, Shelly


Omg this is so great!! Looking forward for these videos.. ;)


So glad you picked Paige Evans! She is incredible. When is AC going to let her do a line?

Carol West

What exciting news! It looks like I will be checking in here Every Day of the new year with all you have going on. Thanks so much for all the inspiration in the past, and all you have planned for us this year!



Jamie Greene

Can't wait!!:)

Sue Althouse

Just when I think it can't get any better at Two Peas....it does! Very excited about your offerings for 2013. Now I just need some new CHA product to fill my shopping cart...


Congratulations everyone!!! The new garden girl team is amazing!
I will follow your lovely inspirations!!!


OMG this is so exciting. Can't wait for the new videos..ecspecially the Project Life Series:-) Love the new additions to the team!

Kim Thomas

It sounds like you have planned an exciting year for us. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Take care, and Happy New Year! :)

Fleur Smith

I can't wait, what an amazing team! Looking forward to being inspired all year long :)


Wow that all sounds so fantastic. But I assume there may be some design team leaving - it mighthave beennice tothank them. I aren't familiar with them all - but can't seem to see 'glue stick girl in the photos'- Although I may be blind at this early hour. If she is leaving I am going to miss her - i love her style.


Wow! I can't wait


Amazing line up of Garden Girls and videos and projects! I can't wait to see everything! :)


Great team this year, so excited to see what everyone creates! LOVE Glitter Girl, yay! I'm also super excited about watching all the videos every week, LOVE!


Wonderful news!! I was worried we were gonna lose Glitter Girl but instead she us staying and bringing much more awesoneness with her! Excited for this year!

Jeannine H

Happy New Year! You have certainly brought your peeps some good news for 2013. I am so glad that Glitter Girl is coming back and looking forward to those other video series! They sound awesome. I am particularly keen to see how i can use more of my stash. I think part of the strategy to reduce my stash is to give some away after awhile - like GG does. 2013 is promising to be a very fine year at 2 Peas!

Amber R.

Happy New Year! Wow, I'm super excited about all the new classes!

Machelle Nelson

Happy new year! Yay! It looks so exciting & I'm thrilled with 6 days of video inspiration!!! Thank you!


Awesome new classes! Happy new year!


This is so awesome! Love the new designers and a video everyday? That's so great!


So excited for the upcoming year! This is the reboot I needed. I can't wait to start scrapping!!


So excited for Scrap Your Stash Thursdays!!

Barb in AK

What a FABULOUS line-up for 2013! Thanks for giving your readers the royal treatment around here :-)

kim jones

I'm soo excited! It's going to be a fantastic year! Love all that you ladies do and am anxious to follow the new girls! Thank you for keeping Glitter Girl! Thank you for doing a video every day (they make my work day go faster lol). I'm looking forward to making 2013 my best scrapin' year ever (with your help, of course)!


Sooooo exciting!

Lillian @ Elle The Heiress

I'm SO looking forward to seeing everything that Liz & Paige do. They are by far my favorite scrapbookers.

Kelly Jean

I'm so excited for the new additions to your Design Team, especially Elizabeth Kartchner, who is one of my favorite scrappers ever. So excited!!

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