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Marcia Scantlin

Amazing class. Mscantlin

April (lifeinprint)

Sounds awesome, it would be my first class at 2ps. -iluvfrogs

Heather Sweet

This sounds like a wonderful class! SWEETly Made

Ruth Allmart

This sounds like a perfect class for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

Michele D

Sounds like a good one!
My 2peas name is MicheleD_utah.



val gould

This looks like a perfect way to start the new year!


Sounds wonderful! Thanks for the chance! jengd


Sounds fantastic. Thx! Username: girlfriday26

andi walsh

I would love to win!
My two peas name: RrlScrapGal


I love Lisa's style!! Thanks for the chance!
2peas: CristinaC

Andrea R.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the chance to win a spot.


Cathy L.

Sounds like a great class!



It would be wonderful to win this workshop, nice Christmas gift.

Jennifer Land

Would love this class! Username: Juniperberry.

Cynthia Larson

This workshop sounds very inviting and interesting. Thanks for the chance to win. 2peas name: Pinnochio

Artful Scrapbooking

I would love to win a spot!! Thanks for the opportunity! My 2peas name is Artfulscrapbooking

Ellie Augustin

SUPER DUPER LOVE Lisa & this class would be such an awesome gift to use for all those billion of pics I'm about to take in the next two weeks! LISA I NEED YOUR HELP :) Thanks for the chance & crossing my fingers. 2peas : EAugustin14


Would LOVE the chance to win a spot in this class! Thanks so much! Username is: Queen-Pea

Mary Ann Jenkins

Oh yes, I'd love to win!!!
2peas name: Mary Ann Jenkins


It looks great!!!!!

Melinda T

Love Lisa! Thanks for the chance to win a seat in her class! melt003


Sounds awesome, thanks for the chance!


Looks fantastic!


Would love a chance to take part in this class! Lots of inspo and talented contributors in addition to Glue's fabulous work!

JerseyGirl Anne

I would love to take this class!


Ooh, goodie! A new class for the new year! name: LisaEDesign

Cheryl Leong

yes!!! i would like to win this class!!

2peas name: cheryl1310

jessica walsh

So excited! The sneaks look awesome :) 2peas user: jwalsh2780

Bernice J

This sounds like an interesting and worthwhile class to be registered in.

Bernice J

forgot to add my 2peas user name: it is paperpodner


Lisa's last class was amazing. I would love to win this one! Name: lqmurphy

janice m.

thanks for the chance to win. looks amazing.


Sounds like a awsome class. Lot of inspiration thanks for the chance, Ingba


Sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!
2peas: kaleidoscopeprints


I love Lisa, so i enter for this giveaway!!!!
2peas : mustik

Margie Visnick

Looks like a great class! Thanks for the chance to win! 2Peas name: margievis

Sherry Eckblad

I would love the chance to be inspired by Lisa. sherry.eckblad


Thanks for the chance to win! This seems like an awesome class.
My 2peas name is malwa

Janice Hopkins

I have never taken an online class. The description of 'Start Here' sounds varied, informative and a lot of fun. How exciting to have so many creative minds contributing to one workshop. I would love the opportunity to have a free shot at this class. Thanks so much for the chance to do so! ( oops ... I don't have a 2peas user name )

Jenny A

Looks like another great class from Lisa! My 2peas user name: jenjeb


An exciting opportunity! I'd love to win the class! My 2peas name is RubyRubbler


Awesome... Thanks for the chance!
My 2peas name is glam_anna


Looks like a great class. My 2peas is scrapsandsass


crossing fingers and toes! TYRAB


Looks amazing ~ would love to be the winner! I'm SusanbB722 at TwoPeas.

jackie radu

would love to win - my twopeas name is tuffcookie! thanks for the chance :)


I would love to win this giveaway so I can get inspired to get back to doing layouts again! Thanks for the opportunity!

Mel H

Would love to win...olddog92


sounds like fun! thank you for the chance to win :) j.leija


wow! looks like a great class!

username : angelicquirk

Natalie Dever

I absolutely LOVE Lisa's work! would be a great class for sure
username: dougnat

Shelley P

I'd love to have step by step tutorials! Looking forward to the class!

Shelley P

I'd love to have step by step tutorials! Looking forward to the class!
Username: scrapinashell


This is such an awesome chance. Whosthischick.

deb pereira

The class looks amazing! thanks for the chance to win a spot. debpereira

Katheryn Thames

I would love to be in this class! KatyLouWho


Looks great! Would love to win.

2peas: senoritascrapper


I could do with help with inspiration, we emigrated to NZ and now all my usual inspiration is in a muddle, christmas in summer, easter in autumn, school has just finished its academic year and of course all the paper lines are "wrong", December isn't winter, july isn't summer, there are no falling leaves in october..its spring here then. Help is required. Fingers crossed.


Looks like a lot of fun! I've wanted to try an online class and Start Here would be a great beginning! 2peas kevshreff


Thanks for the chance to win!

Melissa S

Sounds like an amazing class. Thanks so much for the chance to win! 2peas - lissa_a_smith

Jeannine H

I haved all the classes i have taken at 2 Peas so i would love to add this one to my list.

Jeannine H

Further to the comment i just posted, i missed the word "love" and my user name: Jeannine H

Marina Haddad

I love Lisa's work! Would love to win a spot in her class.
Thanks for the chance.
Two peas username: marininha

Anne F

Oh! Sounds wonderful! Would love to win a spot in her class. Thanks so much! 2peas name - sassiescrapper

Kelly B

The class sounds awesome....just what I need! Thanks for offering the chance to win a spot.


I love Lisa's style! thanks for the chance to win!

Tracy O

this class looks great. Thanks for the chance to win.
2peas name: tracyoleksak


WOW!, I loved her last class. I know this one will be awesome as well!,,


yes, please!

Kirsten J

Ummm....yes please!!!


cristina oliveira

Love the work !!!!
I want to try mu luck
cristina oliveira

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