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Joye Brown

This workshop sounds like just what I need since I have stopped journaling on my scrapbook pages. When I first began scrapbooking I always did some form of journaling and in the past few years I seem to have gotten away from writing anything but the date. I need some help!

lana day

This workshop sounds amazing, I have never purchased an online class because I am weary if I would complete it??? this looks fantastic though.

Jennifer C

I never journal (well sometimes)...so this might give me the kick that I need to get more down with words.

Amy H

Looks awesome, Jen!!

Kathy R

Jen does a beautiful job with layouts and journaling. I'd love a chance to win a spot in her new class.

Miss Kathy 2 peas name

Michele D

Sometimes my layouts sit for weeks waiting for the journaling. I need help!!

2peas name: MicheleD_utah


I scrap a lot of events but little day-to-day and I'd love some ideas to get that reined in. Generally I don't scrap an event until LONG after it so keeping the information at hand is crucial- ideas are appreciated!

Miriam Prantner

I did a good job of this during my daughters' first years, but not so much these days. This class sounds like a great way to get back to journaling!


I journal way too little, that's why I need this workshop!

Michelle Magana

Sometimes I get stuck doing the journaling and I end just putting something quick. And I would love to write more meaningful journaling in my pages.


looks like a super class I would so love to learn the secret of journaling more. thanks for a chance 2peas name loulou172


Journaling is so important! I would love to win a spot madebykarla@ 2peas :)


I'd love to take this class because I'm not very fond of "my voice" when I'm journalling


Looks like a great class and could use some help with my day to day talking :) dogmatix @2peas


I love Jen and her creativity. I find journaling to be the most difficult aspect of scrapbooking...so I could definitely benefit from Jen's class:o)



Very useful class it should be! I try to journal more though sometimes it's the most tough part. I would love to learn something new to help me with it.

Tiffany M

My story, or the journaling is very important to me in my layouts! I would love to make my journaling more thoughtful and more substantial to my layouts. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class


Amy Voorthuis

Would love to be in her class!! So sad that I live so far (the netherlands) Good luck to all of you ladies KevinJonah is my 2 peas name my real name is Amy Voorthuis hugs Amy :)


I struggle so much knowing what and how to say what I want to say on my layouts. It is always the hard part of any of my scrapbooks and I would love some pointers and help with learning how to do this! Peas name paperpodner


Because I always love Jen's classes! LisaEDesign

Melinda T

I want to win a spot in Jen's class so I can better my journaling. Sometimes I'm at a loss of words and don't know how to start writing about the moment. And I love Jen's work, she's inspiring!

Bethany Becker

I would like to take this class to build my journaling skills. I try to journal, but it is never very good. Thanks for the chance to win!

Stephanie Pezolet

I need some inspiration and this seems like the perfect remedy! stephpez


This class would be a perfect one to hep me with my scrapbook journaling.
Thanks for the chance to win :)

username: jeannemw

Michele T

Finding the right words can sometimes be a real problem. Sometimes I feel they are not a true reflection of the event but more the boring and safe who, what and when.


I need this class....my journaling is lacking ....Hope I win

Cynthia Larson

I would love to find new ways to journal and title my pages. If it stays new exciting I am more likely to do a good job. Thanks for the chance to win!!!


I've always had a really tough time journalling. Probably because I think everything i write sounds silly, or I'll look back on it and think I was just a silly little girl back then. Help me please!?

Lynsey Nolan

I would love to win a place in this class as I think Jen is an amazing scrapper and I love her pages.I always leave the journalling off my pages as I never know the right thing to say.Lynsey_nolan

jennifer a

I would love to win this workshop! Journaling is one of the most important elements of scrapbooking, at least to me it is. user name - agamemnonsmom

Kelly B

What a fantastic class for someone who struggles with what to write on my layouts. Can't wait to join!

ruth tacoma

Any help with journaling is appreciated! After 20 some years of consistent scrapbooking, fresh words are sometimes hard to find.

*pink* is my 2 peas name

Marcia Scantlin

I like Jen's work and style and could really learn from her.

Tatiana Ortega

Wow, looks awesome. I love Jen's work and I'm sure this is a very interesting workshop. I'm newbie and I would love to learn more about journaling, thanks for the chance.
2peas username: taorni


I'd love to take this class - my pages almost never have any journaling, just the mood and the title. but i realize now that some of the older ones I began to forget what it was about. A class might be just the place to start)

Andrea Garland

I'll love to participate in this class because I want to learn to make Layouts that stand out.

2Peas user: garlandandrea


Love the concept of this class. Totally need to be direct to a new direction towards to my journaling. :) Thank you for a chance.


I make an effort to journal, but find that sometimes the words "fun" or "great" are all I can come up with.

Jaimee h.

super excited about this one!!!


I would love to take this workshop to get motivated to do layouts again. I've been focusing on cards the past few years and really need to return to scrapbooking. I think this workshop would be a big help for me.

Andrea R.

This class looks great! Thanks for the chance to win a spot,


Vicki J.

I would love to take this class! I really want to "up my journaling" so that I can be sure the whole story is being told.
thanks for the opportunity!


I am so stuck with my journaling. I really want to get past the basics. This would be a great class to do just that. 2peas momma-paparazzi


I would like to incorporate more journaling & this class looks wonderful. My username is girlfriday26 . Thx!

Linda R

I've never made a journal....I think I don't quite know how to start...or finish...or anything inbetween! I'd love to learn this aspect of papercrafting. Thanks for the chance! Lrozyczko

Mel H

My journaling is boring and doesn't tell the whole story or show much emotion...this would be great. Olddog92


I always have the hardest time journaling! This class is perfect and I would love to win it! Thanks for the offer!



I could definitely use some help with journaling. Thanks for the chance to win!


LOve me some Jen Gallacher!...I think she has the best workshops! Thanks 2peas for the reasonable workshops and the chance to win it! tpgirl@2peas


i could use some tips on what to journal !

Anne F

Wow - this mini workshop looks amazing. I really struggle with journaling. I often save it for last and sadly, sometimes it never gets added. I would really love to meaningful journaling on my projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

Anne F

Oh - I'm sassiescrapper on 2peas. Thanks!


My favorite part of any scrapbook page is the journaling. Sometimes, though, I struggle to get the right words on my own pages. This class sounds like just what I need.



Right! Memory does fade, especially mine! LOL!! But honestly, I don't like journaling and that's the last thing I do when working on a layout coz' I don't know where to start and what to write. But since I'm a big fan of Jen, this class is really a good chance for me to pick up some hints and learn a few things about journaling. ;)

Thanks for a chance to win.

peasname: bckwml

Daniela Dobson

This would be perfect for me. I am not a great writer and I need help. ddobson


I love to journal. Some of the best pages I have ever done were ones that began with journaling and allowed the rest to fall in place. I would love to get some further tips on how to do this important work. gastoryteller


Journaling has always been a very important part of my scrapbooking. I have not been able to share my stories for the past few years due to medical issues, but now I am starting to get back into it. To journal for me is to take a trip back down memory Lane and to bring to life the moments that can be shared, treasure, and remembered for a life time. To journal is not just words on a page, but the feeling that once read, that you are stepping back in time reliving that moment all over again. That is my hope for each pagge that my son read's in his album. To remember all the fun, love, challenges, and rewards. Thanks for sharing this class with us all and for the chance to win. Hugs.


I usually DON'T journal at all..just the title, a quote...date & place. I need help to improve that part! scrapbooking is also recording memories..with a good journal. If I don't write anything..anything will be remember in a few years. That's why I'd like to attend this class :)
2peas name: kyky77


After a long time struggling with journalling I'm just beginning to get my head round it and a bit of further inspiration from this class would be amazing.

Jess C

What a great sounding class. I'd love to win because while I journal on every LO I think I need to make it more meaningful.


First, I love Jean's work. More importantly, I need inspiration to scrap layouts other than my grandchildren. I have been thinking maybe the Midwest Drought, my work history, etc.

Two peas: Label

Lisa aka Myran

I really find it hard with journaling! I'm not sure what to write and often I can find that the journaling "interrupt" with the rest... So this workshop is perfect for me!!



Karen keiper

I'd love to do this course as i believe the journalling is an important part of the page BUT whenever i finish a page i look at it and am disappointed that i didnt journal enough. :-{


I have thought about taking this class because journaling is the last thing I put on a LO.

Carla Hundley

I can always use ideas to help my creating scrap pages!
Carla from Utah

Brandie Moody

I love this class idea! My username is Lolanae!


I would love to win a place on this workshop. I'm expecting my first baby, due in just over 5 weeks, and being pregnant has given me a kick to get scrapbooking again. I would love to be able to journal more to record all those little moments that I will not want to forget.

My username is LisaSwift

Lynsey Nolan

I need a lot of help with my journalling and would love to win a place in the class.Jen is so inspiring

Dawn F.

There is so much I wish I could ask my mother-my 5 year old has many questions about her so I wish I had more journaling from when she was alive. This workshop sounds great.


Oh this class would be sooo good for me! My pages are all needing the notes added and I am so far behind in my journal pages. Jen's work is just inspiring!


I have so much trouble finding the right words, so sometimes journaling just doesn't get done! This class is just what I need to help me get those memories written down! Thanks for the chance to win it!

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