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Lovely theme. I always get tripped up on this when it comes to digging through old photos...

Allison Waken

Love then and now pages! These are all gorgeous :)

Amanda Counce

These LOs are gorgeous! Alc99999

Johnna Sengdara

I love the idea of now and then pages. I will have to try a couple. The garden girls have done a great job as usual! sdcowgirl.

Melanie C

Great layouts! I love then and now layouts!


Love all these layouts!!!

Susan Ward

Love all of the layouts and photos showcasing past and present. It’s the epitome of scrapbooking.

Marie / Legojenta

What a great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win =)


Then and now is a great idea...in fact, I was giving this some serious thought for my son's grad layouts from high school...just getting to the cap and gown photos and thought..what about his grad photo from kindergarden? or his dad's grad photo (which we would need to get help restoring)..or both? Just so fun! Thank you!

Mary in IL

I want to try the then and now photo that has the same subjects holding the original. What a cool idea!

Jennifer J

Great theme you've highlighted here. I got some great ideas.

Sarah C.

Loving the Then & Now pages. Great inspiration. And thrilled with the new blog - so much easier to keep up with! :)


I love this type of page,but haven't tried one yet. Add that to the to-do list! Thanks for the inspiration.


Jean Marmo

Gorgeous work! Always such great inspiration at Two Peas!

Anne Gaal

Hi there! Great post with Then and Now layouts! Thanks for the generous giveaway, too!

Mary Tilman

Wonderful layouts and an inspiring theme. Can't wait to try this one.


Love the then and now idea. I must give it a try with both my children.

Ann T

Great ideas!

Gina M

All these layouts are great inspiration. Thanks for highlighting them!

Meredith Kneece

I love the idea of then and now layouts. I am really hope for a then and now layout soon of my weight loss. Its a good goal to work towards.


Great ideas for bringing together my older and newer photos...love the theme Then & Now.....thank you everyone.

Cassie P.

I love then and now pages! They are so fun. :)


Wow....some great ideas here! thanks!

Lisa C.

I love the Then and Now layouts!! Love this blog!

Joye Brown

Then and now is a great idea! I just did a layout with photos of my son when he was three, and now he is 42 so I will definitely have to do a then and now ofr him! Love the blog! joyebr

Ari Choquette

Love the then & now theme! It makes me want to sort through my own baby pictures and do one of these!


This is a fabulous idea.

Shari P

These are beautiful layouts!! Thanks for the chance to win.


Beautiful pages, great inspiration!

Larissa Heskett =)

LOVE the BEAUTIFUL PAGES!! I LOVE seeing all of the fun details and ideas!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)


Beautiful then and now layouts, inspiring me to do my own! :)
- StoryAngel

Katie Gelbaugh

hmmm.....I've never done a then and now page....I might have to try! Thanks for the inspiration, and the chance to win!

Miriam Prantner

Love this idea....I was actually just contemplating something similar while looking through some of my photos from growing up....and pairing them with someone of my girls' photos.

Pamela Willams

Great layouts!! Now I want to do a Now & Then layout...


Great theme and one that I fail to do enough. I rarely scrap with photos of myself but this would be a great idea I could incorporate for my next foray into self documenting!


LOVE the idea of using a large clear ampersand as a clock!!! Brilliant!


I love the detail with the little buttons and stiching. Very nice and the color is perfect.

Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift certificate!

rebecca keppel

Love the new blog and all the gorgeous layouts posted!

Jill in Frisco

Love, love, love the theme, great inspiration.


Great theme. Love the last photo.

CJ Johnson

Then and now LOs are the bomb. As a chronological scrapper I don't do them enough, thanks for the prompt.

Patti Robb

What a great idea. I especially love the wooden buttons and the contrasting photos.


Just found you! I'm enjoying all the great info, inspiration, and products! :)


I love the now and then layouts and I have created a few of my own for my children. However, I really like the idea of taking a new photo with the kids holding the old photo.


Awesome pages.

Thanks for sharing!

Margie Visnick

Gorgeous layouts!! I can always count on 2Peas for inspiration!

Mabel M

Fab and creative pages, thanks for sharing us!!

Machelle Nelson

All of these pages are great!! I love this theme and can think of a few photos I've got that could easily fall into it.

Jaci S

Beautiful layouts everyone!


I love the idea of the older children holding the photo of their younger selves. Cool.

Shilo Miles

Loving some of these layouts....I did a then and now layout about my family....I love this theme idea...you can have a lot of fun with it!


cool topic of then and now, or yesterday and today. comparing the old and new... it's not something I would have thought to do, so caught up with documenting the everyday!


Love the then and now themed layouts. Its fun to see how much has changed over time.


Beautiful pages! I've never done this theme before - adding it to my 'to do' list!

Gina Ames

Wow! Not only gorgeous layouts but great article and thoughtful ideas for journalling. Keep up the great content!

Nikki M

Great concepts and product use. LOVE THE NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!

tammy b

i did enjoy the post, and am enjoying the new blog so far!


I love this theme! It is perfect for old photos that I never scrapped! Thank you for putting these ideas in the blog!

Mandy Szeto

what awesome ideas!

Melissa S

Love the new blog! Thanks for the great inspiration and chance to win :)

Christina Collins

Such inspiring work! I love "Then and Now" layouts. The theme can be used for so many different things. Thanks for the chance to win! My 2peas name is ChristinaCollins.

Sherry Eckblad

The layouts are amazing. I love the inspiration I always get when I come to Two Peas.

Kathy R

I love Now and Then Layouts. I did a layout with a photo of my husband holding our daughter in front of our Christmas tree and another photo taken twenty years later of him holding our first granddaughter in front of our tree. One of my favorite layouts.

two peas name Miss Kathy

Cyndee K.

Love all the variations of Then & Now layouts! I've done ones of my daughter & I at the same age(s)- since she could be my twin! CyndeeBK


Wonderful ideas as always!!

Penny Pudge

wow, $10.00 that would be great.
jppudge is my user name.


Nice layouts!! Thanks for sharing them with us :)
My 2peasname is bckwml.

ruth tacoma

How fun! I love the layouts! (and thanks Wilna for the heads up on this new blog)

My 2 peas name is *pink*

Julie H

comparing two periods of time is a great idea! lovely pages everyone. my 2peas username is juliehearn


Wow I am SO inspired to try this out! This idea has officially been added to my to-do list.


i can't wait until my niece grows older so i can do then and now layouts of her. :)

Monica Blain

Love all of the layouts!! The Garden Girls are so inspiring... I just wish I had time to scrap! I bookmarked these for future reference, though :)

Sara B.

I love making Then & Now pages. They tell such a great story! Thanks for sharing all of these....I love the idea of taking a current picture, while holding one from the past.


I love Then & Now pages. There are such a variety of ways you can use the theme.

Kirsten J

Sweet layouts - thanks for the chance to win!


Yay another blog to follow!!!! I'm kinda new to scrapbookng but I love all the helpful videos y'all post! Thanks!

Username: chelseaaa46


:ove the then & now layouts!

Cheryl S.

Love the Garden Girls...all fabulous, talented designers. I get so much inspiration from them-keep up the good work! username: crazy48fan

Angel Koch

I will now be searching through old photos to see which ones we can recreate. Thanks for the idea!


Great projects!!! Thanks for the chace to win this giveaway!!


love love love

Monique Liedtke

Great layouts! Thanks for the inspiration!!


Getting lots of inspiration from those layouts and ideas!

Anelsie Ramos

OMG!!! Love those layouts!!! Just what I needed to start the creative juices going!!! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!!!

Kathy Wade

I love all these LOs. Beautiful!

Jennifer C

Just found the new blog... off to explore!

Mel H

Love the then and now pages...I need to do more of those!

April W

Just amazing!!

Jacqueline R

I absolutely love that picture at the end of the post...what an amazing idea!


love this new blog! scrappinwhenican


Love then and now layouts! Such a great variety, too. tfs.


WOW! I love this theme! Such great pages ladies - you all rocked this! I am IN LOVE with Sheri Mae's page - what a FANTASTIC idea! So cute! Can't wait to be a part of your new blog :-) x

Jenni Calma

Then & Now pages are what scrap booking is all about, to me anyway...;)
Thanks for the chance to win!

diana thompson

Love these layouts!

Amy Coose

Great layouts, and I love the idea for the then and now pics of the kids.


I like this idea because I come across old photos of me and my SO! Would be fun to see how we've changed!

Vicki J

How cute is that 9In and 9 Out project???


AWESOME layouts. I love those type of comparison layouts. Great job ladies.
Warm smiles

Mindy Stell

Cool fun layouts! Thanks for the new blog!

Diane Standish

Love the layouts! thanks for bringing inspiration every day! crazeedi73

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